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In-Box Review
M1A1 Stowage Set (Iraq)

by: Rob McCune [ BROABRAMS ]

This accessory set has been re-released since the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom and has been touted as being great for an OIF Abrams. I recently bought it to check it out and thought I would post a review here to address these claims.


This set includes about 60 resin pieces. The breakdown follows:
3 CIP panels (only 2 shown)
5 water jugs
2 water coolers
2 A.L.I.C.E. packs
2 CVC helmets
4 20mm Ammo Cans
4 .50 cal ammo cans
4 7.62mm ammo cans
4 canteens
4 regular helmets
1 Igloo type cooler
4 gas masks
3 rolled sleeping pads
1 large "tootsie roll"
3 duffel bags
10 generic bedding/tarp rolls
4 food containers of 2 different types
1 large metal locker box


The Pro's
This set contains several items that have never been covered before. The food containers, Igloo and water coolers, and metal storage box are all nice things to have and make the set justifiable at only about $17 US. The generic tarps and bedrolls are always a good thing to keep on hand, as are the water jugs, gas masks, canteens, ammo cans and backpacks.


The Con's
This is a Verlinden set, so there has to be a down side, right? No dissappointment here. The four food containers haven't been used in several years, so while they would be great for a Desert Storm Abrams, they should not be used in an OIF one. The CIP panels, used in an infra red environment to distinguish friendlies from the bad guys, are overly large and do not scale out with dimensions I have. The four regular kevlar helmets are nice to have, but you just don't see them used a lot by tankers.

I think the real let down in this set is what it doesn't have. Where are the MRE's? Where are the tow bars? Almost every Abrams I saw in OIF had spare tracks and roadwheels mounted on the bustle racks. And for that matter, where is the add on bustle rack extension so commonly seen on 3rd ID tanks. There aren't any fuel jugs or oil cans. There is no turret mounted APU or tow cable. I want some tow shackles and water bottles and a little portofolio/map case for my TC. I have to say that this kit really dissappoints me in the way of "real" stowage.


While this set is good for basic accessories, it isn't quite what one needs for a real "OIF" Abrams. But for the price it provides a good base from which to start.

Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 1968
  Suggested Retail: $17 USD
  PUBLISHED: Dec 16, 2003
  NATIONALITY: United States

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