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In-Box Review
T-80 Replacement Tracks
Modelfixer 1/35 T-80 Replacment Tracks Set
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by: George Keseyan [ REITER960 ]

There exist quite a number of Soviet armor models in 1/35th scale today but, unfortunately, the majority of these kits were produced in early '90s in absence of reliable technical data on the subjects and thus suffer from excessively generalized and simplified detail. Perhaps the least accurate part of these kits are the tracks which are especially complex, multiple sub-link, tracks for the T-80 family of MBTs. Up until middle 2007, modelers really had only two choices: settle with over-sized vinyl tracks lacking essential detail or try to obtain hard-to-come-by resin sets from Masterclub or Miniarm. Apart from limited availability, these sets, doubtfully spot-on accurate, are quite pricey especially when shipping costs are considered. Modelfixer, a new company from Russia, now offers a considerably well-detailed and affordably priced alternative in the form of an injection molded individual tracks set.

The sprues are packaged into a quite large, for an accessory set, top-opening box made of standard cardboard much like that used by Tamiya or DML. Inside the box there are 10 sprues with track segments, enough to outfit any one tank from the T-80 family plus a few spare tracks to attach on either the turret or rear hull if desired. The instruction sheet is a small, but informative, leaf which actually shows frame polys of the 3D model used to make the mold for the links.

The tracks themselves are molded in high quality white semi-soft plastic and attached to sprue trees with very thin extensions. There are no molding imperfections whatsoever and detail is crisp and the sprues oil free. The tracks, when assembled, are very accurate dimensionally however they do miss out on some fine detail when compared to their resin rivals. Most notably, the bolt heads are not as pronounced as the ones on Masterclub's rendition, due mostly to llimitations of the injection molding process.

The guide horns are produced with a stretched uniform prism in cross-section which is not accurate as the actual tracks have a thin horn body and considerably thicker portion where rubberized rods are placed through. Nonetheless, the pattern on the outer surface of the track body and rubber couching appear to be quite accurate. One should also remember that this particular set is sold for one third of the price of a resin set.

The set has good fit and molding and is an ideal solution for those on a tight budget. The guide horns are not as accurate as they could be but the set does provide an AM alternative for the T-80 family of vehicles that's cheaper than the resin-only options that previously were available.

Highs: Accurate general detail, good fit and molding. Perfect solution for those on tight budget or beginners. Can be made workable or fixed.
Lows: Guide horns not as accurate as the rest of detail. Sprue attachment on bottom of guide horn actually acts as bolt head detail.
Verdict: A good rendition of complex T-80 tracks with good quality-price value for the set.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Suggested Retail: $8.99
  PUBLISHED: Jan 07, 2008

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Who currently sells these in the U.S.?
FEB 22, 2008 - 04:11 PM
As of right now, no one sells them in the USA. Sorry, I would love to get some too.
FEB 22, 2008 - 04:48 PM
Have to agree with Gary look like molded blobs to me. save your money and buy good ones. IMHO God have to love the right of Free Speech.
FEB 23, 2008 - 11:29 PM
I am assemblying a set right now. The cleanup is a bit tedious but the tracks look good. They stay togethet quite well and the only problem are the slightly inaccurate guide teeth. This detail is hard to notice and these definitely look like t-80 tracks. Another issue is that they would not fit any drive sprocket-the same as Masterclub
FEB 24, 2008 - 12:01 AM

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