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Campaigns: Incoming!
This is for the Incoming! Artillery campaign.
Hosted by Richard S.
Official "Incoming!!" Finish Line!!!!!!
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Colorado, United States
Joined: January 12, 2002
KitMaker: 5,000 posts
Armorama: 2,868 posts
Posted: Tuesday, September 07, 2004 - 11:02 PM UTC
Howdy All,

My apologies for not starting this thread earlier, but I was having some pretty significant computer problems as of late.

I want to take this time to say how VERY proud I am of ALL of you who have taken the time to participate in this record-setting Campaign here at Armorama. I have not been able to spend the physical time ramrodding this Campaign as my heart emotionally wanted to, but you guys have really stepped up to the plate on this one, and reached out and made my job easy by running it for me!!
Your devotion to the cause has honestly been something to behold.......and the "Incoming!!" Campaign would have not been as successful as it is without the participation of every last one of you!!

So. In an effort to honour all of your fine work so far, and to extend the waving of the Checkered Flag to as many of you as possible, I have created this thread to post your entries WITH PICTURES, so that all of the membership can enjoy your fine efforts, and to 'officially' create a visual list of those who will receive the Campaign Ribbons. Including the standard Campaign Ribbon, the 'Gold Citation' Ribbon, and the Campaign Ribbon with Clusters (for those wonderful lads and lasses out there who built multiple entries.

Here is a list of all those who signed up for the "Incoming!!" Campaign. As you all post your entries, I will add some form of 'checkmark' next to your name showing that you have, in fact, completed your entry and qualified for your Campaign Ribbon!

"Incoming!!"'s 1st Annual 'ARTILLERY' Campaign's Roll Call:

1) Company Commander kkeefe Mortar / 'Pugnatious' mortar crew X 2
2) garrybeebe M109 Paladin
3) mj Tamiya 'Mortar team figure set / Alan Sig-33 / Rocket artillery / Sturm Tiger X (4)
4) TempExp Trumpeter Chinese Type 89 Multi-Barrel Rocket Launcher
5) greatbrit British 'Long Tom' or 5.5
6) Mr. Roo Australian 25-pounder 'short'
7) sgtreef AFV Club M102 105mm
8) Petro Dragon Hummel "Initial Production' OOB
9) Savage ICM 76mm Regimental Gun
10) MadMeex Union Navy 13" mortar, 54mm
11) druid German 88mm Flak 36/37
12) Ranger74 Napoleonic 12-pound cannon
13) WeWillHold PAK 40 & Schwimm vignette
14) Smoke86
15) Tony_Frey AFV Club M102 105mm
16) Hollowpoint T30 75mm HMC / CCKW 352 w/ 105mm Howitzer X 2
17) Biggles2 Pak 43/41
18) tazz Karl Morser
19) Major_Goose AFV Club M115 8-inch Howitzer / Spanish Cannon X 2
20) steve-o
22) darkstar Peerless Max 155mm towed 'short'
23) matt AFV Club M102 105mm
24) Golikell
25) PvtParts M12 w/ Eduard PE
26) uilebheist Brummbar
27) Easy_Co. M109A6 Paladin SPG
28) keenan AFV Club M102 105mm
29) SFC_StJohn AS 90
30) TUNA German Le fh 18 Howitzer
31) mikeli25 25-pounder
32) Katyusha
33) Eagle 75mm Pak howitzer vignette
34) ShermiesRule M7 Preist / M7Priest w/sand skirts X 2
35) HeavyArty Soviet D-30 122mm
36) Kencelot T 19 105mm HMC
37) Sabot 1/72nd Dragon SturmTiger / T-37 Demolition Rocket X 2
38) Gunnie M 28 Davy Crockett Atomic Battle Group System (Light) circa 1961
39) Treadhead NORINCO Multi-tube M113-based 120mm mortar carriage
40) Turrettoad13 Testor's M107
41) viper29 Russian BM-21 GRAD, circa 1990's
42) SonOfAVet
43) bennie 15cm. Sturm-Infanteriegeshutz 33
44) m1garand ICM Soviet 76mm Regimental Gun Mod. 1943
45) waterboy Stuka zu Fuss / Soviet Jeep w/mortar vignette's
46) zer0_co0I PAK 75 Howitzer
47) FAUST 'Junkyard' PAK vignette
48) boosahmer 60cm. 'Karl' Morser / Boxcar-based German 8cm mortar team X 2
49) Graywolf Russian M101 105mm Howitzer
50) Plasticbattle Maquette SU 76M
51) Tankleader
52) Jacques 2S1 'Gvozdika' 122mm SPG / 1V13 FDC X 2
53) stugiiif
54) crossbow AFV Club 10.5cm Howitzer LeFH / Nebelwerfer
55) animal M 110 8-inch Howitzer 'short', 1967 Phu Cat / M12 SPG, WW II X 2
56) APBullet
57) ArmouredSprue
58) ptruhe L 16 A2 Mortar vignette
59) Dixon66 Afv Club M102 Howitzer
60) BattleBuddy Tamiya Wespe
61) Greyhunter M106A1 Mortar Carrier
62) SniperSoldier
63) scoccia Italian Semovente da 75/18
64) rfeehan Sturmtiger
65) sphyrna
66) Armour66
67) GIBeregovoy
68) merkava8 60 cm Morser 'Karl' Gerat
69) panzerseba
70) 11Charlie M30 107mm mortar
71) Grasshopp12 AFV Club M 102
72) shonen_red Sci Fi RX-75 GunTank / mortar crew vignette X 2
73) shazam
74) Gaucho Tamiya Sd.Kfz 124 Wespe
75) Jurgen M 109A6 Paladin SPG, circa 2003 Iraq, OIF
76) BroAbrams
77) mekgek
78) Azevedo
79) 377
80) WAR-TOOL Pak 40/46
81) modelguy2 German Geshutzwagen SPG / U.S. M8 HMC X 2
82) DRAGONSLAIN Tamiya Quad / Limber / 25-pounder vignette / Sturmtiger / PAK 40 X 4
83) clovis889
84) mastertyno
85) clausen 1/72nd Panzerhaubitze
86) crossfire German Mardder II {img]http://photos.kitmaker.net/data/500/102check_in.gif[/img]
87) Cristiane 12 cm GRANTWERFER 42 mortar vignette
88) Cuhail Rail mounted M109 variant
89) StukeSowie Trumpeter Type 83 w/ 152mm Howitzer
90) ekaufman IDF M107 SPG / British 6 pdr fieldgun vignette X 2
91) melon
92) Frontovik
93) steve203 M12 155mm Gun Motor Carriage
94) HalfYank British M7Priest, circa 1940(?) African Campaign
95) airwarrior 'Belligerent Banshee' Vietnam Arty piece
96) Col_Steamer Italeri's M 110 / M 107 SPG X 2
97) Scunge AFV Club 10.5cm. Howitzer / 1:1 scale Trebuchet!
98) DutchBird
99) Bugbrains
100) Treecat
101) cardinal LAV Mortar Carrier
102) Alpenflage AFV Club 10.5cm LeFH18M
103) Whiskey M106A2 Mortar carrier
104) PorkChop Soviet BS-3 100mm
105) GeneralFailure
106) Davinator
107) PLMP110
108) DaveCox M7 Priest / 25-pounder 'short' field piece
109) lestweforget Somme 1916 'artillery' diorama
110) sniperwolf
111) 19K German Flak 36/37 88mm diorama
112) Bravo1102
113) Wanze
114) Yari
115) Grumpyoldman 7.5 Howitzer / 24 Pound Siege mortar
116) RotorHead67 M114 Howitzer
117) tankHunter
118) jRatz 155mm 'Long Tom'
119) kar98k
120) commanche1
121) Frag M7 Priest / T-19 U.S. Halftrack w/105mm
122) recon-19d USMC Dragon Fire 120mm mortar field piece
123) Colee
124) jw73
125) RIMA German Wespe diorama
126) husky1943 German mortar crew vignette
127) Silantra M115 203mm Howitzer
128) FiveOduece Mortar / PAK 40 X 2
129) mondo 12-pounder / Artillery vignette / German 88mm mortar vig. / Type 1 75mm SPG X 4
130) NoMercy
131) Vodnik Bundeswehr Feldhaubitze 105mm
132) Red 4
133) earwig61 155 mm Howitzer / M5 Prime Mover
134) tsunami 1/72nd scale German Sturmtiger
135) Rundstedt
136) sgtsauer
137) A-Train Bren gun carrier w/ 6-pounder
138) blaster76 M109A1
139) KolzManz
140) janwillem
141) Whodini PAK 40 vignette
142) shiryon
143) dustoff
144) rbeebe99 SWS / 9 7.62cm / AFV Club PAK 43 X 2
145) mother Revell M114 155mm Howitzer
146) TOKE 7.5 Leichgeshutz 40 w/crew vignette
147) winchweight British Bishop SPG by Maquette
148) demodelbouwer M8 HMC / Pz III 'N'
149) Wehrmacht Mortar vignette
150) Manchu34 Mortar vignette
151) targetdriver MLRS on blowout disc display
152) air-aset
153) rjray
154) slodder 'Dictator' rail-mounted morater vignette
155) LogansDad Field Expedient Indirect Fire Weapon

So, there ya go. As you can see, we have a whooping 155 (One hundred and fifty five!) entries in the Campaign (I feel so proud...), let's see if we can't get everybody to make it across the Finish Line on this one!
Just as a reminder, we only have a few weeks left of the Campaign, so try your best to wrap up whatever loose ends you may have on your entries and......


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New York, United States
Joined: February 28, 2002
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Posted: Tuesday, September 07, 2004 - 11:09 PM UTC
Sir posted here Sir!
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Wisconsin, United States
Joined: April 17, 2002
KitMaker: 2,314 posts
Armorama: 1,905 posts
Posted: Tuesday, September 07, 2004 - 11:35 PM UTC
Thanks Tread

Pics posted here.

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Illinois, United States
Joined: July 03, 2003
KitMaker: 466 posts
Armorama: 332 posts
Posted: Tuesday, September 07, 2004 - 11:48 PM UTC
Heres my two entries

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North Carolina, United States
Joined: February 22, 2002
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Armorama: 7,138 posts
Posted: Tuesday, September 07, 2004 - 11:55 PM UTC
Oh man - I didn't realize I didn't officially enlist - is it too late???
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Massachusetts, United States
Joined: May 12, 2002
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Posted: Wednesday, September 08, 2004 - 12:18 AM UTC

My "oodles" turned out to be one little thang.

Your devoted Non-Com (poop).

Scott... it's never too late to sign on!!
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Minnesota, United States
Joined: January 27, 2004
KitMaker: 437 posts
Armorama: 292 posts
Posted: Wednesday, September 08, 2004 - 12:34 AM UTC

It has been an honor to serve under you in this fine campaign.
I have 2 entries: an M-7 priest and a T-19 (M3 halftrack with 105 howitzer). pics follow.

More pics are in my gallery.
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England - South East, United Kingdom
Joined: January 11, 2003
KitMaker: 4,307 posts
Armorama: 2,130 posts
Posted: Wednesday, September 08, 2004 - 12:51 AM UTC
Here are my official entries:

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Wisconsin, United States
Joined: September 11, 2002
KitMaker: 3,179 posts
Armorama: 1 posts
Posted: Wednesday, September 08, 2004 - 12:58 AM UTC
OK, I putzed around with this project long enough (I determined weeks ago I couldn't get the K-5 done)... so I'll see if I can get a BS-3 100MM gun done in the next week.... maybe a small dio?
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Oregon, United States
Joined: November 24, 2003
KitMaker: 1,969 posts
Armorama: 0 posts
Posted: Wednesday, September 08, 2004 - 04:01 AM UTC
Hello mates!
The first one is the RG 1/35 M109a3 Palidin SP gun.

Number two is the Italeri 1/35 M101 105mm Howitzer.

And my third build is the Italeri 1/35 M110A2 203mm SP gun.

Sheesh! long run!



Staff MemberConsigliere
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Florida, United States
Joined: October 17, 2003
KitMaker: 15,332 posts
Armorama: 7,296 posts
Posted: Wednesday, September 08, 2004 - 04:12 AM UTC

well, finished two.
Hopefully photos show up.
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Donegal, Ireland
Joined: May 14, 2002
KitMaker: 9,763 posts
Armorama: 7,444 posts
Posted: Wednesday, September 08, 2004 - 05:18 AM UTC
I have just completed the building end of my SU76M from maquette. I started well but got fed up and left it to the side for almost 2 months.I finished up the last few bits this week, so Ive got to the 31st to get it painted. Should be no problem. Congrats to all have finished, and especially to those who a few entries.
Even if 50% finish of the enlisted, that will still be a huge gallery!
Staff MemberSenior Editor
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Izmir, Turkey / Türkçe
Joined: December 01, 2001
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Posted: Wednesday, September 08, 2004 - 05:23 AM UTC
almost finished my entry and will post photos very soon. just a little change my entry is m101 105 mm howitzer.i had to change the m-30 because of the terrible zvezda kit.
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Warszawa, Poland
Joined: March 26, 2003
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Posted: Wednesday, September 08, 2004 - 05:25 AM UTC
Here is my only entry: Bundeswehr Feldhaubitze 105mm:

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Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Joined: June 07, 2002
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Armorama: 4,190 posts
Posted: Wednesday, September 08, 2004 - 05:44 AM UTC
Ola People

First of all I want to thank Gordon for Starting this campaign. great job on leading it too.

Well my history during this campaign is not one of roses but still I think I ended it quite ok.
The original ideas are not finished due to lack of time and a really stupid mistake I made during the build-up for the groundworks of my excavation dio. I made another base for my PAK and will enter it as my only Entry for Incoming Alas
Here are the pics:

More pics can be found under this link

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New Jersey, United States
Joined: November 21, 2002
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Posted: Wednesday, September 08, 2004 - 05:44 AM UTC
Heres my entry,

The gun my grandfather served on in vietnam,

He was really happy about the gun :-)
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Illinois, United States
Joined: March 16, 2002
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Posted: Wednesday, September 08, 2004 - 06:41 AM UTC
Four entries for me.

A very fun campaign.


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Texas, United States
Joined: August 13, 2004
KitMaker: 540 posts
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Posted: Wednesday, September 08, 2004 - 06:47 AM UTC
Here is mine, trying to finish my pak43 also.
sws/9 7.62cm

more pics in my gallery
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Kansas, United States
Joined: January 24, 2002
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Armorama: 1,797 posts
Posted: Wednesday, September 08, 2004 - 07:52 AM UTC
Oy! It's September already?

I don't think I'll finish my T30 by the end of the month. I got about this far ...

....then was stumpted by lack of reference of the gun mount. I have some feelers out for some museum pics, but unless they add a few more days to this month, I am in trouble. I doubt I'll get much done in the next week or so.

I'm setting up my new modeling room, so everything in is boxes. Friday afternoon, my sister and mother are coming for a weekend visit.

Those are the good things that are delaying me, but on top of it all, my wife has been called away because her father is very ill. The old gent is in his 80s and a veteran of the 16th Armored Division in WWII (they joined the war late, but drove all the way into Czechoslovakia -- there are monuments to the unit there).

Things might settle a bit next week, but I'm wrapping up a couple models for the IPMS West Central Missouri contest Sept. 18 and the KC AMPS contest Oct. 16. I planned to have the T30 among their number, but it might not happen. If possible, I'll try to at least get it assembed and in OD by the end of the month.
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New Jersey, United States
Joined: June 18, 2003
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Posted: Wednesday, September 08, 2004 - 08:00 AM UTC
Hollow , Great job and just as a reminder here I am

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North Carolina, United States
Joined: March 06, 2004
KitMaker: 1,171 posts
Armorama: 541 posts
Posted: Wednesday, September 08, 2004 - 08:25 AM UTC
My Long Tom is in my gallery:

Here is the post that announced completion, with some notes on what went on & what I did.

And I had thought to do the M4 HST, but although I have started it, I have gotten bogged down in other things and finishing it is questionable.

Great Campaign -- Thanks for organizing & running it !!!

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New Hampshire, United States
Joined: December 12, 2002
KitMaker: 1,389 posts
Armorama: 287 posts
Posted: Wednesday, September 08, 2004 - 08:41 AM UTC
Hi all,
Here's the AFV Club M102 I posted up last month.

More pic in my gallery.

My second item was to be the ICM BS-3, but due to a painting glitch it ended up in the bin. I couldn't strip it with all the detail parts on.

This was a fun first campaign for me, thanks for getting it going and done.

Dave S.
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Distrito Federal, Mexico
Joined: February 22, 2004
KitMaker: 779 posts
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Posted: Wednesday, September 08, 2004 - 08:44 AM UTC
Here is my British 25 pounder, with the Quad. enjoy, and thanks for the campaing Thread.
Joined: December 18, 2001
KitMaker: 12,594 posts
Armorama: 9,069 posts
Posted: Wednesday, September 08, 2004 - 09:03 AM UTC
Here's my Dragon Sturm Tiger. I switched to it after I misplaced my Revell Panzerhaubitze 2000 tracks. Which I found about a month ago.
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Colorado, United States
Joined: January 12, 2002
KitMaker: 5,000 posts
Armorama: 2,868 posts
Posted: Wednesday, September 08, 2004 - 09:36 PM UTC
Howdy fellas,

Many, many thanks for the input so far guys! I'm just trying to gather all of the entries here so that everyone's hard work can be enjoyed by the maximum amount of people, and the honour of dropping the checkered flag can be accomplished for everyone to see..........

And if you fellas haven't seen it yet, on the first page of this thread I've managed to add both a 'check' mark after your name showing you have in fact responded, and a nice little pic of the basic Campaign Ribbon beside your name...........and the answer is "Yes".......I am 'teasing' you with it....

And just FYI........I am enjoyin' the HECK out of everyone's entries so far!..............