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With every conflict there is always a moment when the war seems to stop for a while. I chose two vehicles present during “Operation Goodwood” in Normandy, The use of a jeep as a washing machine took place in Alsace the North East of France and so wanted to create a diorama to show this amusing situation.

Models Used
1:35 Tamiya Dingo Kit No 35-018
1:35 Tamiya Jeep Kit No 35-219
Figs : Phoebus , Resicast ,MK35
Ruins : Verlinden 328

The Daimler MK II scout car
Even if the Tamiya's kit is 30 years old, its certainly a good base kit to work with. Building it straight from the box would not give me an accurate model. So armed with all the information I found on the Web, I started to detail the interior with plastic card and aluminum foil. The seats are not really accurate, specifically the gunners seat, so I it upgraded with a piece of plastic card and copper wire. It took a little bit longer, but the results were worth it.

The fuel tank behind the drivers seat is also detailed to simulate its correct position and the system used to close it.

Near the gunners position you'll find two ugly springs but they can easily be replaced with a piece of electric wire wound around a small plastic rod. Even with all that, the compartment still looks so empty! So I decided to scratch build a first aid box and the vehicle's battery. Later I added the radio set WS19 provided by Resicast. By the way the Resicast set contains 2 x WS19 , 2 x WS22 with frames and accessories.

The exterior also needed to be upgraded as the basic kit is well basic. We will start with the rear of the vehicle. The vent is cut out and replaced by plastic strips and foil taken from an ashtray I found in a fast food restaurant. Plastruct was used for Supports for the rear light and for the jerry can holders are made again with foil.

It appears that the manufacturer forgot or omitted the tops of the compartments on the sides of the scout car Nothing really difficult to correct, I used plastic card once more to make my tops and I added two little latches taken from an old P.E sheet. If there is a really a big characteristic of British vehicles its all those rivets. So you'll just have to add four of them on each. All the grab handles were replaced with copper wire.

My Dingo is now ready to be painted. To simulate dry mud on the chassis, I used wood filler paste. Its really easy to use with an old brush. Let it dry and it will be fantastic. Don't forget that the mud should be light as this would have been in July.

To obtain my British green I've mixed 2/3 H303-Green with 1/3 H330- Dark Green from Gunze paint range. I sprayed the mixed green over all the kit. Later a black oil wash was applied to enhance the details and left to dry. It is at this point I applied my decals between a first coat of gloss varnish and a matt one. Before starting the weathering I let it dry for overnight.

The model is then dry brushed with different green colors and finally with Humbrol 72- Matt Khaki Drill. the mud then being painted a light brown to match the base.

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About the Author

About Pierre Piwi (piwi)

Hi, I'm Pierre alias Piwi, 51 years old. I live in Lille, a big town in the north of France. I'm in French Army I practice modelling since 10 years old but I stopped for a while (around 12 years) a little time before joining Army. My favourite goes to UK WWII vehicles in 1/35th scale.


Great feature to start with Keith. Congratulations to Pierre, and also to you for your first Editor addition! Here's to many more! Vinnie
SEP 07, 2006 - 04:59 PM
Hi Piwi, Excellent bit of work there. Simple, cleaver and with a nice touch of humour. This one should bring a smile to anyones face I think you've achieved a very natural and realistic setting and made excellent use of the kits you choose. I like it a lot, brilliant and thanks for sharing. Keith, thanks for posting the feature. Cheers Al
SEP 07, 2006 - 05:17 PM
Nice feature. It includes a bit of everything. Well done to everyone.
SEP 07, 2006 - 08:26 PM
Nice, simple and well done. I like it.
SEP 07, 2006 - 08:39 PM
HI all, Thanks for your kind words !
SEP 08, 2006 - 01:58 PM
Hehe! I like it. Ingenious! Nice and simple with humour! Nice work.
SEP 08, 2006 - 02:06 PM
It's a superb model. I this you've made a great job of the Verlinden kit, it looks very convinceing. The layout of the vehicles and figures is excellent, it tells the story very well and makes good, economic use of the space. Two thoughts about things you might have done differently. Firstly I wonder if the vehicles, particularly the tyres should have a light coat of mud or dust. Secondly You often see ponds with longer grass or reed growth around the water's edge. These are very minor points though - it really is a super piece of work and I enjoyed the article very much. Congratulations! Sean
SEP 08, 2006 - 02:18 PM
Nice one Piwi. Great use of all the items included. Apart from creating something different and fresh, its all well made and ties together beautifully. The Verlinden building really sets the scene and provides an excellent background. The additions to the daimler is another impressive part of the scene.
SEP 08, 2006 - 02:52 PM
Very nice job! I like it. One question though, shouldn't the washing machine be hooked to the rear tire? Does the jeep have front wheel drive ? I'm not too sure.
SEP 08, 2006 - 08:23 PM
Hi all, Sean I appreciate your ideas about the pound and the tyres. Ken, I based my idea on this photo :
SEP 15, 2006 - 03:29 PM