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  Queensland, Australia

Username: GazzaS


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1945 Campaign award:
Big Cats MK IV: This award is given to those who have completed the Big Cats MK IV campaign.
Bomber Fighters ribbon:
Canvas Falcons II: 1915-16:
Crusader to Gazala Medal: This award signifies the successful completion of the Crusader to Gazala Campaign
Double Trouble WWII Twins: This award signifies that the owner has completed a build in the Double Trouble WWII Twin Engine Campaign
Italian Campaign 43-45: This award signifies successful completion of the Italian Campaign.
RA Campaign ribbon: This award signifies that this person has completed the 2016 Regina Aeronoautica-Co-Belligerent Air Force Campaign
Tank Hunters Campaign Ribbon: This award signifies the successful completion of the Tank Hunters Campaign
The Sign of the Four Campaign ribbon:
Thunder and Lightning Campaign Award: